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Should You Give Much Weight to Apartment Review and Apartment Rating Websites?

The concept of having a website where anyone can log in and post a review about any apartment in Dallas sounds like a great idea.  However,  you should NOT give much weight to those websites at all, and I will tell you why:

The majority of the positive comments and ratings that are left for a particular apartment community are left by people who work at the apartment, pretending to be a current or past happy renter.   Likewise, the majority of the negative comments and ratings that are left for a particular property are left by competing apartment communities who want to bring down the rating of their neighboring apartment and destroy their reputation.  They can make up some really scary stories and be very creative.

Ultimately, because anyone can create an I.D.on those websites and appear to be a renter, there is no way to know for sure how many of the ratings and reviews are actually from renters.  As a result, you cannot trust what any of the comments say, good or bad.

Your best bet, if you would like to know which apartments have bad reputations, is to use the services of a trusted Apartment Locator.  Their experience in dealing with clients every day who are moving out of current apartments and looking for a new one,  expose them to all the bad and good episodes that these clients have had.  Of course, there are not ANY properties who are flawless and have never had an issue of one sort or the other.  But we are talking about the communities that have a REPUTATION for problems.   Don’t take a chance !  Find out where the best apartments in Dallas are hiding.  Go to  today and get started!