Free Apartment Locator Service – Entire DFW Area


I am an Apartment Locator with J. Ellis Apartment Locators, one of the most trusted Locating Companies in the Dallas Metroplex for over 20 years. As a long term resident of Dallas and a Locator with over 9 years of experience, I’m in a great position to help guide you to the best apartments in Dallas, and advise you which ones to stay away from.

My services are completely free and I work with all 3000 plus apartments in the DFW area. When you use my services as your Locator, I will send you a custom list of all the best apartments that match what you are looking for. The list will include all the inside information on apartments, including their pictures, floorplans and maps.

How does it work? How are we able to help you find the best apartments Dallas has to offer, for FREE? Well, we do charge for our services, but we send our bill to whichever apartment complex you choose in the end, instead of sending the bill to YOU. The apartments are more than happy to cover this fee of ours because we send them referrals all the time, and they have come to rely on us to keep their vacancies filled. They pay us out of their advertising budget.

Does this mean that you have no obligation or responsibility if you use our services? No, not at all. We do require that you do the following:

1. Verbally tell all apartments upfront that you are using the services of an Apartment Locator. Give them our name right from the beginning “Amy from J. Ellis”. We must be written on EVERY Guest Card for EVERY property in Dallas that you visit.

2. Most Importantly: When you choose the apartment that you are going to lease at, we MUST be written on the final Rental Application as the name of your Apartment Locator. There will be a place on your Application that asks if you used a Locator, or if you were working alone. Be sure to fill in our name: “Amy from J. Ellis”.

That’s it! A few words and a little ink, and we will make sure you find the BEST apartment, best townhome, best high rise, or best loft in Dallas. It’s the lease we can do! Visit our website today to get started right away:

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